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Welcome to a diary of my thoughts, sometimes short, sometimes tart, sometimes in learning mode, but all the time direct and honest.

As a way to kick off this blog, I am exactly as the description reads. I am black, maybe chocolatey-brown in complexion, but more widely referred to as black. I am female, yep definitely 🙂 and I have migrated to Canada.

In very many circles the words Black, Migrant and Girl have been used to connote a lot of negativity and I intend to change that.

The world sometimes looks on the word ‘black’ as dirty, as less-than, as more inferior to the white race.

As a black person when you relocate to a different part of the world, especially to 1st World countries, you are commonly called an immigrant or a migrant. No one considers the fact that you made a very informed decision to do this- that you followed a legitimate process and you are asking to be recognized for the value you provide.

And then finally, when you are called a girl- not a woman or a lady, the world sometimes considers you as incomplete or as immature.

I centred the name of my blog on these three words because through my experiences I will deconstruct what they really mean. I will share my experience and hopefully others like myself who feel compelled to share their stories.

My name is Akata Salowo and I am a black migrant girl ????

For all enquiries, you can reach me at

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